Ring Sizes

Please check ring sizes here.

When measuring your finger please bear the following in mind:

  • Use a proper ring size gauge if possible. Visit your local jeweller.
  • Whether using a piece of string, a thin band or wide band gauge, make sure it goes over your knuckle snugly.
  • Measure at room temperature when you have been relaxing as increased body temperature can cause swelling. What you’ve eaten, time of the month, pregnancy and whether it’s winter or summer can effect the size of your finger.
  • If you are prone to swelling and want to wear your ring year-round, get a ½ size larger, unless you plan to keep it on at all times.
  • Don’t assume your fingers are the same size on each hand – your dominant hand will often have larger fingers.
  • For rings with bands wider than 10mm consider getting a ¼ or ½ size up so they are looser and more comfortable to wear. If possible, when ordering a wide band design have your finger sized with a wide banded gauge.