About Kasuri

Kasuri Gem Designs creator Monica Bodenham has spent many years travelling to far and distant places and currently divides her time between the islands of Sri Lanka and Ibiza.

Born in London, Monica’s first visit to Ibiza in the 1980s played an important role in sparking her interest in jewellery and in travelling. Through journeying to places of great beauty and significance around the world, Monica is constantly inspired by the design of Earth’s creations. Combined with a long-held interest and fascination with ancient and mystical traditions, her designs reflect sacred symbols, geometric forms and the flora and fauna from around the globe.

Monica studied various silver smithing techniques in the UK and then moved to Italy to hone her technique in the city of Florence where she studied the traditional lost wax method of casting.

More recently, she has cultivated strong ties to a Sri Lankan goldsmith and his family, studying in his workshop under his guidance and working closely with him to improve her techniques. The abundance of sapphires, rubies and other precious and semi-precious stones to be found in Sri Lanka has allowed Monica to explore new levels of creativity. Her passion for the beautiful gems she chooses, lies not just in their surface beauty but also in the power and protection she believes they bestow upon the wearer.

Her beautiful designs are fully realised in this stunning collection.
Monica is fluent in English and Italian and is happy to talk through your jewellery needs. Please contact her here.